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TwistCurved Line
Curved SLIDE closure for horizontal wells

The Twist solution consists of a curved single glazed glass cover with side to side movement and central price holder. It is the ideal solution providing full visibility without profiles to best show the product inside the well. Ideal for all horizontal wells, even those with non-refrigerated central shelf. Clean design for a “Full Vision” solution. The price holder is also available for the end machines. For very wide heads, we recommend four covers rather than two.

Technical Characteristics
Single-glazed glass cover;
Low-emission glass;
PVC sliding guides on aluminum beams;
Screwed on handles;
Available with small handle (230 mm) or large handle (470 mm);
Single or double line price holder;
Side closure in painted MDF;
To fill the space between the upper and lower glass, a transparent gasket or gray PVC profile can be installed.

Cover for low-voltage horizontal refrigerated islands


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