Products and technology
Valentini is the world leader for bent glass used in freezer and refrigerator systems. Industry leading technology for large dimension curved glass to maximize display surface in supermarkets and to give end customers easy reachable product access.
Global reach
Valentini stands for high quality products made in north Italy. Together with its sales team and an international network of partners, the company sells its products to all relevant end-markets in Europe, Asia, North and South America, North Africa and the rest of the world.
Carbon footprint
Valentini is committed to preserve the environment and provide sustainable, energy efficient cooling systems. This start with optimizing energy efficiency by a best in class glass isolation technology and ends with a sustainable use of raw materials and cutting failure quotes.
Exceptional loyal client base from all over the world, including leading blue-chip companies trusting Valentini’s expertise for outstanding systems reaching highest customer satisfaction.
Valentini uses just high quality glass. Products are extensively tested, from raw material tests to final production and durability inspections. This includes heavy use tests such as continues door opening/closing procedures, changing temperature simulations, stability load and crash tests.
Production plant
Valentini runs a state-of-the-art production facility, integrating the most advanced technologies with the knowledge of our teams of engineers, programming experts and customer orientated sales staff.
social contribution
Valentini has a long standing social commitment: it enhances local social infrastructure by sponsoring sport clubs, national museums and other non-profit organizations. Valentini is a family run business building on its employees strength to develop and built remarkable glass systems.