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Company history and business development.

The company was founded by the Valentini brothers in the late 60’s. Initially active in glass for the construction industry, in the 80’s the company moved its focus towards industrial refrigeration.

The company was founded by the Valentini brothers

The business was focused on glass production for civil engineering

1974: 1st assembly line for glass panes installed
1980: 1st production line for shielded, bullet-proof and laminated glasses installed

1981: Start of the commercial refrigeration business

1986: Factory expansion

1988/89: Installation of gas furnaces for horizontal and vertical tempering to produce flat glasses & tempered glass doors with great thickness
1993: Start exporting to Portugal, Greece, and other European countries as well as Argentina

1995: Export to Asian markets (mainly China)

1997: Export to South America (e.g. Brazil and Chile)

1998: Market entry in Pakistan and India

1999: Contacts and exports to Central America
Expansion 2000s/
Early 2010s
2002: New electric furnace with mold installed

2006: Start exporting to North America, Australia and South Africa

2008: Move to new, modern and more automated factory (>90.000m2), capacity increase of 20%

2010: Expansion of production plant and start of production of glass solutions for supermarket / discounter equipment

2012: First exports to Japan and third automated production line for special grinding installed
Growth-Plan 2022
Recent years
2014: €30m sales, more than doubled since 2008; new production line of tempering furnace with automatic regulation to produce glasses with small dimensions installed

2015/16: Introduction of fourth production lines for special glass panes and silkscreen printing

2017: New production line of bending furnace to produce glasses with small dimensions

2019: Installation of an automatic washing machine for curved glasses (first prototype in the world) as well as new tempering furnace to bend special glasses with great dimension installed